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About us

Fashion-Goods is an European buying agency specializing in sales of fashion, sports and home décor industry products. We are one of the most professional e-commerce companies that supplies private shopping clubs, group shopping websites and distributional networks. Our company is working with best global manufacturers and brands. We have set ourselves a goal to become a modern distribution channel for Your products to 34 world markets.



Working with us:

  1. We ask You to provide us with your regular offer with a wholesale pricelist, specifications and HQ photos;
  2. We both establish details of the trade via e-mail/ telephone call/ meeting;
  3. In couple of days we arrange sales on our markets and inform You about the dates;
  4. About  3-5 days before each sale, we ask You to provide us with stocks or with the list of reserved products or products that are possible to manufacture for the sales time (each sale is 3-7 days long);
  5. When the sale is finished, we send You the final wholesale order;
  6. You issue the pro-forma invoice and we pay by prepayment;
  7. We do not charge ANY fee!

Benefits of working with us:

  1. Your company gains a new wholesale buyer that is working with more than 60 private shopping clubs, distribution networks and group shopping websites on the worldwide markets;
  2. Gaining a modern distribution channel (we reach more than 500 million clients);
  3. Innovative way of advertising Your brand;
  4. A guarantee of regular orders – we are able to place 5-10 orders in a month;
  5. An average order account for 1000 – 15 000 EUR net;
  6. Gaining a reliable business partner – we try to pay by prepayment
  7. A professional service at every step of our cooperation – we are willing to become Your “window to the world”


Fashion-Goods specializes in e-distribution of products in selected sections:


Sports & Electronics

Fashion Accessories

The narrow working spheres allow us to react immediately to changing market trends and on the basis of them, we select products from Your offer that are most likely to meet the current customers’ needs.



What we do?

We are distribution company of home&living, fashion, fashion accessories and sports industry. Our customers include stores, private shopping clubs and group shopping.

Who do we look for?

We are looking for manufacturers and distributors of furniture and interior design, fashion, fashion accessories, cosmetics, sports and small home-ware brands.

Benefits of working with us

First and foremost, we are professionals. We make frequent orders, advertise products on the foreign markets, increase the interest in products abroad and expand your export – and that’s all without taking much of your time.

How to start?

Just e-mail a person responsible for a given section or call us in order to discuss trade conditions.

Do we charge any fee?

Not at all. Working with us cost you nothing, we are just a normal wholesale buyer.

What do we need to start?

We require HQ photos of products and a wholesale pricelist.

Payment method

At the beginning of cooperation we always pay with prepayment in order to gain our partners’ trust.



Are You looking for a new reliable customer for Your manufacture of brand? We want to become one even today!

Fashion & Shoes -

Sports & Electronics -

Fashion accessories & Cosmetics -

Home & Living -

Kids Accessories -


Are You looking for professional experienced supplier of Your sales section in the shopping club, group shopping website or distribution network? That’s great! Contact us!

Development specialist : Klaudia Konopko


Do You have financial or order enquires? Our qualified team is able to help You with everything.

After-sales service: Rafał Juchnicki

Accounts and finance: Emilia Pomichter



ul. Waryńskiego 26 (II floor)
15-461 Białystok

NIP: PL5422873701
REGON: 200462852

Phone: 0048 85 307 61 55

Fashion-Goods is a part of Modeste company with the headquarters in Białystok, Poland – more information at